About us

3sixT was stablished in 2017 in Guatemala City, due to demand of design and problem solving on growth in the construction market.

3sixT stands for the 360° view that best define us, every action in our process comes integrated in one point or axis; for us that axis is Customer Service. That is why we are committed on finding day to day solutions that best adapts to all necessities on projects, trainings, assessments, and more.

We are a team of Designers working for North and Latin America solutions based on Technology and different construction systems (formwork).
A team fully committed with our Values, our Vision and our Mission.


Our Services

We are committed on finding the best solutions that adapts the needs of our customer projects, regarding time, resources and therefore costs.
That is why our three approaches: Analysis and Planning, Design & Follow up. Let us elaborate:


Analyze each project to determine the critical path and how to solve in a time-cost efficient solution.
Based on the reutilization of elements, when designing with formwork, sequence and duration of the project.


After analyzing, our team of Architects and Engineers have the information needed, and engaged with the client throughout the process, we will get the best solution.

  • Modeling services using as built drawings and/or sub-contractor markups
  • Autodesk REVIT modeling Services (Revit Tools creation / 3D virtual presentation)
  • Autodesk CAD modeling
  • Formwork Design


Assistance on-site and/or Training.

Contact Us

+(502) 51718628